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Website Design and Development

We design websites that reflect your business identity and delivers value to your audience.

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Mobile App Development

Get feature-rich, efficient and incredibly fast apps build with the latest in mobile technology.

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Professional Services

Get implementation and support for both, on premise and cloud technologies. Includes AWS, Azure, Google GSuite or Office365

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Entrepreneurship/Startup Ecosystem

Programs designed to help startups and small businesses grow a bigger, better business.


Search Engine Optimization

Helping you get 1st page search engine ranks with strategic white hat SEO solutions.

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Search Engine Marketing

Such an important part of your everyday marketing, and with us your Search Engine Marketing will be sorted

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Social Media Marketing

Result-based performance-oriented holistic Social Media marketing to help you succeed digitally.

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Reach > Attract > Convert your Target Audiences

How to Reach?

The first step to reaching out to your online audience is having an online presence, i.e. a website. We help you design websites that are innovative, responsive, functional and provide a stunning UX (user experience) with clear messaging.

How to Attract

Once your awesome website gets ready, the next step is to launch it on the search engines to attract visitors. We love this stage because this is where actual digital marketing kick starts. Our main aim here is to attract relevant high – quality traffic to your website.

How to Convert?

Talking about conversions, our aim would be to convert your website into a lead magnet, a website that sells. No matter the conversion type you desire, we strive to make your website work smarter and harder with ‘conversion rate optimization’ best practices.


Our Value Proposition

AZTA Group believes in under commitment and over delivery. We only promise what we can deliver, but always try to go beyond and provide more value. We set clear objectives, draw strategic plans and project achievable results within your budget and scope and deliver on time with the help of a solid team of experts. With AZTA, accelerate your business digitally! Be it digital marketing, mobile application development, website design and development or any other digital requirement, with us by your side, be assured of quality services within your budget.

AZTA - A to Z of Digital Marketing

Just submit your contact details and within 24 hours we’ll get in touch for a detailed discussion on your requirements. Meanwhile, we will design a custom plan that best suits your budget, give you the time frame needed to see substantial results, execute the plan and bring you results that’d affect your business’s bottom line positively. It’s that simple and straightforward, we promise! No bells and whistles, no hidden costs, no cutting corners, no catches, no if and buts, just solid results that matter. If at any point you feel we are not up to the mark, just tell us and we’ll get you to page 1 for free*.

The Best SEO Company in Melbourne with a Difference!

Do you want to Get 1st page Google Rank?

Do you want to Generate More Leads or More Sales?

Picture this, you have a fantastic website with engaging content going and yet your business isn’t performing as it should. Wondering why? It’s because your website is not getting the visibility it deserves. Visibility is a direct result of SEO implementation. If you are not using SEO services in Melbourne, you will never show up on the search engines. And if you don’t show up, there’d be no traffic, no leads, no sales, no revenue, no nothing! No business owner wants to be in such a situation, hence SEO is important.

SEO is your website’s immunity shot, and we are the SEO doctors.


SEO Keeps Changing

  • Search engine algorithms are updated frequently
  • Search engine penalties have become rigorous
  • Black Hat SEO techniques no longer works
  • Temporary fixes are damaging to your business brand image

Golden Rule of SEO

  • Only follow White Hat SEO techniques
  • Never stuff keywords into content
  • Write valuable, trendy and compelling content
  • SEO is a marathon & not a sprint!

Keyword Research

  • Create a list of most relevant keywords
  • Long tail keywords are better
  • Analyse keyword intent
  • Place synonym keywords strategically
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Competition Analysis

  • Determine your competitors
  • Understand your competitor's SEO strategy
  • Maintain uniqueness in your strategy,dont simply copy!
  • Continuously check if your strategy works, & evolve!

SEO Audit

  • Health check of your website
  • Check the SEO presence of your competitor
  • Fix technical loopholes first
  • Fix content loopholes second

On-Page SEO Optimization

  • Finalize primary keyword per page
  • Build 4-5 secondary keywords
  • Follow the on-page SEO factors
  • Keep content plagiarism-free

Off-Page SEO Optimization

  • Build relevant backlinks
  • Join discussions, forums, communities
  • Join social media groups
  • Outreach to influencers

Measure results : Traffic and Rankings

  • Track before and after results
  • Analyze what’s lacking
  • Make changes and fill gaps
  • Re-measure and optimize

All the SEO Goodness at an Affordable Cost

We are an SEO company in Melbourne who believes in understanding your digital requirements to the last word and then design a pricing plan for you based on the competitiveness in your industry, keyword popularity and the number of keywords you want to optimize. We prefer to call it performance-based SEO pricing. You pay just for what you get, not a penny more.

Low price doesn’t mean bad quality. We never cut corners with SEO or any other services we offer. Nothing is more important to us than your reputation!

AZTA goes Beyond Digital Marketing

Besides SEO, our team at AZTA can help you with many other services like Pay per click, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, influencer outreach and many more. You can also get your mobile app developed with us. If you have any requirement for implementation and support of Microsoft technologies like MS Dynamics CRM, we can do it for you.

The best part? We provide startups/budding entrepreneurs with prototype development/wire-framing and help them take their ideas to conception, while making them adept for funding initiatives. So, if you aim to materialize your new idea into a product or a budding entrepreneur, talk to us and we’ll steer you on the path to success.

Guaranteed ROI
Years of Industry Experience
Customer Satisfaction

Digital Marketing Plans

360 Degree Holistic Marketing Plan for any size of Business, Industry Type!

Satyam (Awareness) Plan

Suitable For Launching Digital Footprints
  • Keyword Research
  • Meta Content Optimization
  • Headers, URL, Alt Images, Keyword Density Optimization
  • Website Content Optimization
  • Google Analytics & Webmasters Integration
  • Press Releases
  • Competition Analysis
  • Forum Posting
  • Broken Link Building
  • Blog Posting/Article /Content Development
  • Social Signals (Snippets Posting)
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Fortnightly Strategy Review/Progress Calls
  • Monthly Reporting and Performance Tracking
  • PAID MARKETING (Optional Extras)
  • Google Adwords Campaigns
  • Facebook Ad Campaigns and Lead Generation
  • Twitter Ad Campaigns
  • LinkedIn Ad Campaigns
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Shivam (Godliness) Plan

Suitable For Growing Business
  • SATYAM (Awareness) Plan +
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Forms Creation
  • E-books
  • Newsletters
  • Whitepapers Development
  • Press Releases
  • Tip Sheets Formation
  • EMAIL CAMPAIGNS (Optional Extras)
  • Set up, Create,Execute(through Automation) and Reporting on Email Campaigns
  • Re-marketing and Drip Sequence
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Sundaram (Beauty) Plan

Suitable For Business Branding
  • SHIVAM (Godliness) Plan +
  • Infographic and Creatives
  • Infographic Promotion
  • PDF Submissions
  • PPT Submissions
  • Webpage Building
  • Video Production
  • Youtube Channel Building and Execution
  • Branding on Social Media Platforms
  • BRAND BOOSTER (Optional Extras)
  • Youtube Ads
  • Display ads
  • Real time bidding
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