A Useful Guide to Improve your Facebook Ad Campaigns

How to improve your ad campaigns for Facebook? This question haunts most marketers! Here’s an answer.

The fact that Facebook’s algorithm is favoring posts from friends and family over posts from businesses is definitely not great for businesses organic reach but, on the other hand, Facebook Ads don’t suffer with this so that’s a good sign for you to start investing more on improving your Facebook Ad Campaigns. But where should you start?

You might be struggling with you Facebook Ads performance for a number of different reasons like your audience not showing enough engagement and interest, low click-through rates or low conversion rates but the good news is that there are actually a lot of ways for you to improve your company’s Facebook Ad Campaigns!

Just have a look below to see some of the main ones:

  • Start with doing an analysis and checking your past Facebook Ad Campaigns to understand if they are getting close to the results you want and if not, ensure that you know exactly what is not performing that well and what you need to improve like a low click-through rate, for example
  • An amazing and easy way for you to improve your Facebook Ads is to include customers testimonials! This is a really effective way to drive people into taking a particular action towards your ads because it actually shows your potential customers what they will specifically be getting from your services and products and it can also help clarify some doubts they might have regarding what your company has to offer
  • Don’t forget to sync and optimise your landing page with your ad and make sure you have the same copy and layout in both. This will help your Facebook Ad become more effective and it will also help avoid situations like when your audience is leaving your landing page way too soon!
  • Don’t be afraid to try and experiment carousel ads! This can surely give a more appealing look to your Facebook Ads layout
  • If you have a small size business then you are probably struggling with getting more traffic and engagement so a good way to improve that is actually to do a partnership with a popular business that is relevant to your company’s market
  • If you’re aiming to reach a specific target, in a specific country or countries, then you’ll benefit from scheduling your ads for a specific period of the day when you know you’re target will be more active on Facebook
  • In line with the previous point don’t make the mistake of not using Audience Insights because this is a tool that can easily tell you a lot of information about your audience. And you can and should use that information to understand how you can segment your target, at the same time as you learn more useful information about your audience
  • Appeal to urgency in order to motivate a call to action because if people see that your ad has a limited time offer they are definitely more likely to take action

There you have it! Some amazing tips from experts of a top Social Media Marketing Agency in Melbourne to make your Facebook Ads shine as much as possible! Now the question is…Let’s get to it?