Calling all Australian Companies! Now you can use shoppable organic Instagram posts!

Shoppable organic Instagram posts is a feature that Instagram launched last year to allow brands to tag products directly in their organic posts so users will immediately be redirected to the product page to buy that specific product or service. Unfortunately, until recently this useful feature was only available in the United States but now Instagram just expanded it to 8 more countries, including Australia, which made it the first country in the Asia-Pacific to have this feature available! So now australian companies and others from Germany, Italy, Spain, France, U.K., Brazil and Canada can finally start enjoying this tool!

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According to Instagram this is how it works: “With easy access to pricing and product details, shoppers can tap on a tagged post within their feeds or through the shop button on a business’s profile to take the next steps to learn more.” This way companies only need to connect their Instagram profile to a shop on Facebook or to a Business Manager catalog and then they can actually create these shoppable organic posts just by tagging a product in a post.

This is definitely a great option to drive sales and also to guarantee that customers don’t have to lose a lot of time to find and purchase the product or service they want. Unlike Instagram Ads this recent feature also has the advantage of being a free tool. However, you shouldn’t just start doing this without having a well-planned, social media campaign strategy so there are some important things you should consider to make sure you are enjoying Instagram features at their full potential and engaging with your customers:

  • You need to have a goal-driven strategy for your business Instagram
  • Always have a link in your bio and make sure you update it when it’s relevant to do so
  • It’s better for your business if you do a lot of quality posts but if you can’t do that many just make sure that the ones you do post have a great quality because that’s always better than quantity
  • Don’t forget that influencers can have a major role when it comes to increasing your business awareness so don’t hesitate to join forces with influencers that obviously have a relevant social media exposure but also make sure that you choose the ones that can actually incorporate your company’s dna. To make this engagement as genuine and spontaneous as possible always let them choose the products or services that they want to try
  • People are not interested in seeing posts that are purely promotional. They want to know what’s the story behind a business so tell your audience the story behind your products or services and you’ll see that your audience will definitely feel more connected to your company and they will also feel like they can easily relate to those stories and consequently be your new client
  • In line with the previous point you’ll see that it can be advantageous for your business to use customers photos and post them on your business Instagram. This will also make other potential customers feel closer to the company and more willing to buy what you are offering.

There you go! Now you have an amazing new feature to use and we are sure that if you combine it with the other tips we gave you, your business Instagram is going to be a huge success!