In this post, we have shared surefire tips for LinkedIn that will help you generate leads that convert!

Tips for LinkedIn

We know that you’ve probably been underestimating LinkedIn but you definitely shouldn’t.


Because, according to B2B marketers, although Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are more popular social media networks, LinkedIn can actually be a great source for generating leads!

As has been stated at LinkedIn – Marketing Solutions Blog article – 10 Surprising Stats You Didn’t Know about Marketing on LinkedIn: “Studies show that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn and 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content.” (…) “On average, 46% percent of social media traffic coming to B2B company sites is from LinkedIn”.

And you want to maximize your potential leads as much as you can right? Well, to do that you’ll need to make sure that your audience is engaging with your business through LinkedIn but this can be a bit tricky.

LinkedIn has been growing for the past few years but its growth still can’t compare to the growth of social media platforms like Facebook and so, despite the fact that LinkedIn has been considered the best social platform for B2B lead generation, unfortunately it doesn’t always get the daily attention it should and consequently users just scroll through their feed less compared to other social media networks.

Fortunately, we at AZTA Group, social media marketing agency in Melbourne, gathered some tips to give your LinkedIn page the boost it needs and to ensure that your posts get the necessary views to grow your business:

  1. The first step is to create content that people will actually be interested in reading and that can help them solve a professional problem or get more knowledge about a specific subject because this is a major part of what LinkedIn is all about. And just keep in mind that most of the content that continuously gets a good engagement rate is generally the type of content that was specifically created with the potential to go viral in mind and to do this it’s essential that the content brings value to the audience.
  2. We already established that the content should be relevant and interesting but you should also make sure that you are posting frequently (multiple times per day) so you can in fact get a better engagement.
  3. Use SlideShare content because it has a great reach.
  4. Adapt to different formats. With videos you shouldn’t have to much copy but when it comes to publishing posts you can add images and even a video if you think that will add value to the post. And don’t forget to always write clickable headlines.
  5. Share your content on relevant groups.
  6. Repost content! LinkedIn won’t penalize you for this but make sure you change the post title and image so this repost will have a better reach and engagement than the first one.
  7. Automate your content management in order to save time and also improve productivity.
  8. Measure your results. To do that just click on “post views” on your LinkedIn profile dashboard and then you’ll be able see the number of views, likes, comments and shares per post.