Follow these Steps to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

Want to know the best way to write product descriptions for your e-com store?

We all know that it’s important to write your product descriptions for search engines – SEO copy but you can’t forget that you also have to write an appealing copy for users so they will actually want to buy whatever you’re selling.

If you just put a name and an image in your product description it can still sell of course, but what will the users know about your product? Truthfully they probably won’t purchase your product if they were already having doubts about buying it and then they read just a vague or unclear product description. And if they are just hearing about your product for the first time and see that same vague product description then they’ll most likely not buy it either.

It’s important to have a good product description because this is part of the way your company communicates with its audience and it’s also an important part of driving sales. The most important thing about writing a product description is that it should explain the product in a simple but appealing way so people know why they should buy it.

Product descriptions can and should obviously vary depending on the product itself. If it’s a “straightforward” product, and by this we mean that if it’s easy to understand its purpose you don’t need to write a detailed description but if it’s a more confusing product you definitely should.  

These are the steps you should follow so your audience won’t have any doubts about your products after reading the descriptions:

First of all, you need to know who your audience and potential customers are. So before your start writing your product descriptions ensure that you know who is the product for – their location, age, gender, education background, interests, income level, etc. Once you know this you will have a clear view of how you should present your product in a valuable and engaging way.

Describe the benefits and the main features of your product so it will motivate your audience to buy it and make sure you include the features or attributes that differentiate your product from the competition.

Include an easy way for your customers to see where they can purchase your product and for when its use is more suited. Also explain how your product works but only if it’s, like we said before, a confusing product or something that needs a more detailed explanation to make it easier for people to understand its use.

Make sure that the product description reflects your company’s own style of communication.

Include some persuasive words like now, introducing, hurry, revolutionary, amazing, sensational, etc.

Avoid words like literally, maybe, kind of, just, nice, etc.

Ultimately the goal is to create product descriptions that are clear, relevant and that explain why customers should purchase that specific product. Also don’t forget to include keywords that will be easier for search engines to find, either in the product description or in the title.