With the amount of information and content people get everyday it’s essential to have great headlines that will immediately capture their attention. Although this takes a lot of work it can certainly make a big difference when your site visitors have to decide either to click and read your blog post or just ignore it. Another fact that you should take in consideration is that your potential clients will create their own first impression of your company based on these headlines. So this is definitely not something you should be taken lightly right? Here are few tips to help improve your content marketing strategy and make all your blog posts click-worthy! 


Now that we’ve given you some context let’s go to the practical part with some useful tips:

  • Make sure your headlines are appealing enough so it will encourage site visitors to read your entire blog post. This should be your main focus.
  • Your headlines need to be in line with your company’s values.
  • Don’t write fake headlines just to draw people’s attention. This will make your company look bad.
  • Create “how to” headlines. These are usually always successful because readers will see that your blog post can actually help them solve their problems.
  • Use interesting adjectives and also positive and negative superlatives such as “best” or “worst”, for example.
  • Before choosing a headline always try to do some brainstorming first and after you have a few, take a moment and then choose the one you think will work the best.
  • Use numbers in your headlines. It’s really effective.
  • Readers mostly take in consideration the first and last 3 words so have this in mind when you create your next headlines.
  • Write headlines that include or ask a question to the readers. This will make your audience feel connected to it.
  • Surprise your site visitors by, for example, associating two things that normally people wouldn’t expect to be associated. However only do this if it is relevant to your blog post content and also accurate.
  • Spark your readers curiosity! Do this by trying to provide the less amount of information possible in the headlines. This way your site visitors will want to find out more and read your entire blog post.Ultimately, it’s important to take in consideration that there are a lot of different ways to write great headlines you just need to make sure that the techniques you choose are the right ones for your company and your company’s content.