Guide for a killer Email Marketing Strategy

www.aztagroup.com.auAzta Group Blog Post 10E-newsletters is one of the most common type of emails companies send and it’s also one of the oldest types of communication in the digital world but it can actually be really hard for businesses to get their email marketing strategy right.

First of all you need to understand that nowadays personalisation is everything! So if you want to create a killer Email Marketing Strategy, first you have to figure out how you can personalise your business e-newsletters. People have access to a ridiculous amount of information these days so it comes as no surprise that they’ve become more selective now and that they only want to read what they think it’s really relevant to them. 

The reality is that companies have access to all sorts of data. So we asked top media marketing consultants about what the problem was? “Most of the times they have no idea of how to use it for their benefit!” was mostly the answer. It’s important that you learn how to do this, how to segment and respond to your customer needs and expectations because this can make a huge difference when it comes to conversions and to getting higher transaction rates.

Before you start planning how your e-newsletter is going to look like, you should get more data about your customers and you should used it in a smart way. You can do this by personalising the sign-up forms in your website. And you can do this segmentation based on different elements like: location, interests, age, past purchases information, etc. After you have this information you should put it to good use.

How? Well, by personalising your email marketing! Based on how people responded you can actually start sending segmented content to each person to make sure that they are only receiving information that is valuable and relevant to them. To do this in an even more effective and personalised way you can integrate your sign-up forms data with your CRM.

After you’ve done this and after you created segmented contact lists, you can start creating content for your e-newsletters. In order to do this it’s essential that you know which type of content will be relevant to each list. With this in mind we prepared some useful tips for you below:

  • Remember that emails with a personal subject line have a lot more chances to be opened than generic emails
  • Use dynamic content to make your email marketing design look really appealing
  • Make sure that your email marketing content is mostly educational and not promotional
  • E-newsletters can have different calls to action but you should focus on one main one
  • A good way to personalise your e-newsletters is to use psychographics so the personalisation seems as natural as possible
  • Don’t focus on creating banners/ads as a part of your email marketing content because people barely look at that so it will be harder to make them feel engaged

That’s it for today! We hope you enjoyed reading our Email Marketing Guide! And now it’s time to get your hands on it and start creating some awesome e-newsletters!