Improve your Traffic with These WordPress Tips

www.aztagroup.com.auAzta Group Blog Post 11 about wordpressWordPress is an open source software that companies can use to create a website or a blog and, at the moment, for people who are just starting their business, it’s definitely one of the best and easiest options to not only create but also manage websites and blogs – content management system (CMS).

In the past WordPress was mostly used for blogging and because of that there are still some people who think that that’s still its solely purpose but the truth is that WordPress evolved and now you can actually use it to create great websites and mobile applications.

There a lot of advantages of using WordPress like the fact that it’s a free software, easy to use, it’s search engine friendly, it’s safe, it has a lot of different themes that you can customise and one of the best features are the plugins that you can use to optimise your website!

Now that we covered why WordPress can be a good software option for your business it’s time to let you know some ways for you to improve your traffic and to make the most of your website so please check below AZTA Group’s tips:

  • Keep your sidebar looking as clean as possible so your website visitors can easily find what they are looking for
  • Create one folder and put all your media there so it makes it easier for you to find something in your WordPress Media Library
  • Optimise your images so it won’t take too long for them to be loaded
  • Clean your permalinks to make sure that search engines won’t have a hard time finding you
  • In line with the previous point make sure that your website is mobile-friendly! In order to do this choose themes that are optimised for mobiles
  • Create an XML Sitemap so search engines can index your blog to rank your website. WordPress actually does this automatically but it might not be optimised so remember to check this
  • Use Rich Snippets because it can surely be very helpful for you to improve your search traffic
  • Social media is something that Google really appreciates when it comes to organic traffic so keep in mind that all the content your create should be shareable on social media channels.

Now you know all the benefits of using WordPress and how to improve your website traffic so what are you waiting for? Let’s do this! 🙂