We all know that Facebook plays a big part when it comes to company’s success and consequent sales but it can be hard to go through all the tips you see and scan which ones are actually the most effective so AZTA Group, top social media experts in Melbourne, did it for you!

We went through all the main tips and gathered the 5 Best Facebook Marketing Tips. Of course, there are other major social media platforms besides this one but today we are just focusing on Facebook and maybe, in a future post, you’ll see more about other social media channels so keep an eye on our blog updates!

Some of the Best Facebook Tips:

Your profile photo should be flawless but that also applies to your cover photo.

People will immediately look at your company’s profile photo but the cover photo is also a big highlight of your page and it shouldn’t be ignored. First impressions do count so make the effort to make sure your profile photo is appealing and your cover photo is a great call-to-action! You can even post a cover video instead of a cover photo so don’t be afraid and go for it!

Make sure your images have the right size.

This means that before posting any image on Facebook you should remember that the visitors will see your page in different formats – some may view it in their desktop, others on their mobile phone. So always make sure your images are optimized.

You can and should share user-generated content.

Instead of always creating your own content you can and should share more user-generated content. This will make it easier for your posts not to be repetitive and it will also help you connect with your audience so it’s a win-win situation.

Timing is crucial.

Timing can make all the difference in how your posts perform so make sure you know the days and hours when you’re users are more active.

Analyze your content with Facebook Page Insights and your users with Audience Insights.

It’s extremely important to analyse how your content is performing and also who is your core audience and how they react to your posts because this will give you precious insight on what you’re doing well, what doesn’t work and what you should improve.