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We know how overwhelming it can be for a company to stand out on Instagram when there’s already a lot of competition. A great social media campaign strategy begins with understanding what your company is all about. What is the story behind it? How can people relate to it? And then you can start thinking about...
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What will come after SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. But what does this mean exactly? Let AZTA Group, SEO experts in Melbourne, answer all your questions. SEO is basically the way to get a website to improve its ranking performance at search engines through relevant words or phrases. The ranking in all the major engines...
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Guide for a killer Email Marketing Strategy E-newsletters is one of the most common type of emails companies send and it’s also one of the oldest types of communication in the digital world but it can actually be really hard for businesses to get their email marketing strategy right. First of all you need to...
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Importance of Content! The expression “content is king” is an understatement. The truth is that “excellent quality content” is king and you will come across this phrase repeatedly when it comes to SEO success. Hence, you need to see to if your web content is the kind that visitors enjoy to read.  If Google loves...
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