What will come after SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. But what does this mean exactly?

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SEO is basically the way to get a website to improve its ranking performance at search engines through relevant words or phrases. The ranking in all the major engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing is based on what those search engines consider to be more pertinent for their users.

A few years ago it would only take some months for a company to start seeing SEO results but now it can usually take up to 1 or 2 years. Another fact to take in consideration is that Google is also making it more difficult for small businesses to stand out in the local search. The searches itself can also be slow and inaccurate. General keyword search can go wrong too – if you’re looking for a hairdresser in a specific location, for example, you’ll get some useful links and information but you’ll get a lot of irrelevant links as well.

Now SEO is changing and it will start losing the status it had before because the way we use digital tools is changing as well. One example is Alexa – Amazon’s Virtual Assistant. The way Alexa works and the way people use it is mostly focused on voice rather than listing pages so this is definitely going to be a trend from now on and Google is also focusing a lot more on voice. So what will come after SEO?

It’s hard to predict the exact trends that will come after SEO stops having the importance it has now but one thing’s for sure. There are already a lot of different channels and solutions that your company should use like paid ads, social media marketing, etc. And it’s really important not to focus just in one because what if that one loses ground in the digital world and it stops giving good results? You definitely don’t want to ran out of options! So make sure you do some research and market analysis to understand which channels will be better for your business and your audience.

The main goal here is to continuously be innovating because it’s getting harder and harder for companies to differentiate from the competition and to actually stand out and stay on top.

Also people want to use their time as efficiently as possible so the next trends will gravitate towards that. There will be different tools and services to allow people to do research and collect information in the best way while spending as less time doing it as possible.

In the end it’s important for you not to just try to keep up with change but to be ahead of it so you’ll actually have a chance to be on top of the game! And don’t forget that in order to do this you should have a wider perspective about all the different tools you can and should use