Get to know Tanisha Amyn – The woman behind AZTA Group

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Happy Women’s Day to you! With your IT background and your desire to create new things was it a natural decision to start your own digital marketing company?

Yes, I would say it was a natural decision. Being born and brought up in a family where my father had his construction business and my mother was a beauty therapist running a salon, I always had a drive to create a business of my own. AZTA Group was my dream and now it came true but it’s obviously an ongoing work. I have over 10 years of experience in IT so that really helped make this business come alive. I always make sure that I’m aware of the latest tech trends and of the way organisations can use it to their benefit so I can provide the best service for our clients. Ultimately, what drives me and my company is to give value to local and overseas businesses and help them step up.

How do you see your company changing?
With only one year of existence we were already able to help several local and international small to mid-size businesses and we hope to keep doing that in a larger scale in the future. Although we are just starting our journey we already have a good size team and we intend to grow it by 30% in the next year and a half. We also intend to give as much support to the community as we can. In our first year we already sponsored a community-based programs for children (Young Coders) and workshops for enabling women through IT skills. These programs were very well received and as AZTA Group grows we intend to increase our support and community even more.

What do you like most about your work and what were your biggest hurdles?
Business is my passion and I just love to help other businesses grow through our service offerings while I also get the chance to meet new people and share experiences. In terms of hurdles, living in Australia, a western society that has a mindset that only man can thrive in sales, marketing and in leading an organisation has definitely been a challenge but I’m glad I keep overcoming it every day. Women in general have certainly learned how to grow overcoming this mindset and criticism so I’m happy to say that I’m a part of that and committed to make that difference.

In your opinion what are going to be the new trends in terms of digital marketing?
We are living in a social age where “sharing and caring” can make all the difference so if businesses are not opened to that and if they are not transparent enough they will definitely struggle. So, my two cents of advice to growing businesses is “embrace the change” and “Adopt technology to their benefit”. I see “digital marketing” becoming a core which is unavoidable and fundamental for any company that wants to be successful regardless of industry/domain.

AZTA Group’s head office is based in Melbourne so what do you love about this city?
For me Melbourne is, without a doubt, the most live-able city in the world. It’s very vibrant and the population is really young so you get an amazing vibe just by walking around the city. In a decade or so I think Melbourne is going to become another “Silicon Valley” and that’s one of the reasons why, although we cater clients across Australia and overseas, our head office will always remain in Melbourne.