What is it really?

We all would have heard this word once or more and ever wondered about this jargon that’s going around?

Are you an Entrepreneur? Do you see it as a method to make profit, an attitude or an opportunity to make the world a better place?

Well, an entrepreneur is a person who has got an idea, has some skill and most importantly a courage to take any risk in order to pursue that idea and drive to turn it into a reality. Entrepreneurs and various innovative business owners have really took the world over with their ideas and imagined things that did not exist. Entrepreneurs power the economy by producing businesses that drive innovation, create jobs and lead people to do amazing things. Is it amazing!

As we know, conventional industries are dying down; central bankers are fiddling with negative interest rates; China is shifting to a “more sustainable growth path,” whatever that means. Hence, we need more entrepreneurs to capture the rising possibilities of growth and development. Promoting Entrepreneurship means encouraging people to be self-reliant in taking economic decisions and creating wealth and employment. Various entrepreneurship programs in Australia, run by industry experts, are aimed at creating and empowering leaders who can empower others.

As entrepreneurs, one’s function is to assume beyond the past and produce future through their imagination. Along the road, entrepreneurs’ function is to train society, to drive human progression, get around the crowds right in expressing their individual character.  In doing so, you are allowing free new renaissance that will hack the human genome, check out the universe, as well as compete on a worldwide level with species far beyond our current vision.

Entrepreneurs develop skills that don’t exist and paths less traveled. Outside of university schooling, outside of traditional business, outside the marbled halls of government, pioneers, tinkerers, and hackers. Educating themselves by doing trial and error is very intricate to entrepreneur behavior which gives them confidence and validates that they are on right path. They also develop new products, new markets, and occasionally give birth to entirely new industry.  Such kind of social genesis is unique to entrepreneurship character.

The earlier you realize there is more than one way to do things, the sooner you’ll break the psychological barriers that keeps you from taking on new challenges. If there were a single formula to success, everyone would be successful which is not the truth. So its quite important that we inspire one and all to try and foster a healthy entrepreneurial spirit and see how many of us can thrive and survive. Because we really do need more entrepreneurs!